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While drinking my coffee and going through the mail, I got call from one my clients. He was a man in a panic – He’d just received notice that one of his employees was suing him for a back injury he received while fixing one his customer’s cars.

My client didn’t carry Workers Compensation and now he was fully exposed to more than $ 28,000 in medical expenses and God knows much in punitive damages.

His attorney told him it would a lot easier to defend him if he could show any documentation of safety training. As it so happens, I had done a safety meeting on back safety. The trouble is, he couldn’t the sign in sheet I prepared showing who attended and subject covered.

I didn’t have a copy, since it wasn’t my responsibility to keep his training records.

Well, the long and short of this is that he paid the medical bill and little more.

The lesson here is that most small employers are so busy doing their business that documentation and good paper work is typically pushed aside.

The Employee Documentation Kit was created around 5 principles:

  1. An employee is willing to do almost anything on the first of his employment.

  2. It is important to get safety training documentation on Day One. For many employers it might be the only training documentation they will ever have.

  3. Have all the hiring forms in one booklet makes it easy for the employee and the employer. Plus, by having all the completed forms in a booklet they are less likely to be lost.

  4. The Doc Kit makes it easy for the employer to have the forms he might need in the future such as Employee Warning Forms, Termination Forms, Safety Documentation and much more.

  5. Making it hard to lose the booklet. The Employee Documentation Kit is printed in bright Yellow and spiral bound for this reason. You can’t miss it even if you tried.

For 25 years these principles have saved hundreds of employers thousands of dollars.

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